The Perils of Bad Cannabis Leases

16 April 2021 adamjacob 0

The landlord-tenant relationship is probably the most challenging relationship in the cannabis industry. We’ve seen a lot of deals go south over the years, and while partnership disputes are very common, landlord-tenant disputes are also […]


Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

15 April 2021 adamjacob 0

Helicopter view over the Ryder Glacier ice tongue. Credit: Martin Jakobsson A new study led by Stockholm University Assistant Professor Christian Stranne shows that thick sea ice outside the fjords can actually increase the sensitivity […]


Leaders in Cannabis Formulations: Part 2

14 April 2021 adamjacob 0

Editor’s Note: In Part 1 of this series, green sat down with Drew Hathaway, senior food scientist at Stillwater Brands. Click here to see Part 1. Natural cannabinoid distillates and isolates are hydrophobic oils and […]