Top Gadgets For Cannabis Home Growers

As the list of U.S. states that have legalized recreational cannabis continues to grow, casual smokers are becoming more interested in cannabis genetics and cultivation. Like those that choose organic produce, stoners also want to know exactly where and how their dried herb was grown, plus save some cash at the dispensary every week by growing their own stash. In the past, most of the latest grow technologies were designed for large-scale commercial cannabis farms, but that is not the case today. Due to the significant rise in home growing, there is now a long list of cutting-edge gadgets, smartphone apps, and brand-new technology crafted specifically for increasing yield, saving energy and water, and making the home growing process easier and cheaper.

Growing cannabis is known to have a steep learning curve and is challenging for most first-time cultivators, but with the right cannabis seeds, basic plant knowledge, and some of the latest cannabis grow tech, it’s easy to have a productive first harvest.

Credits: Gizmodo

Credits: Gizmodo

Top gadgets for cannabis home growers

Automated hydroponic control systems

Growing cannabis at home may already sound like a huge undertaking for novice cultivators, so even considering a hydroponic setup seems out of the question. Today, hydroponics is easier than ever with automated control systems that can be accessed and adjusted from anywhere with an internet connection. Control and monitor all environmental conditions from a phone or computer without having to physically test the water’s pH levels, humidity, nutrient content, or temperature. Indoor and outdoor hydroponic gardens use much less water and typically produce larger and healthier plants than traditional grow setups. The latest advancement to hydroponics is aeroponics, a growing method invented by NASA, which saves space, water, and nutrients. The plants are suspended in the air without sitting in soil or water. An automated aeroponic system then will spray the plant’s roots with nutrient-filled water when needed.

Plant monitors

Great for growing any type of plant, sensors allow the cultivator to monitor and collect various data such as soil moisture, temperature, and lighting right from a smartphone. The sensors can even be set up to send a notification when the plants need to be watered or when the room gets too cold for optimal production. Not only do these sensors help produce healthier plants, leading to better quality flower and higher yields, it also saves time, water, and energy for both environmental and cost benefits.

Cannabis dryers

After growing and harvesting the plants, the fresh flower still isn’t ready to smoke just yet. The nugs still need several weeks to dry and cure before 420 enthusiasts can light up. Cannabis dryers speed up this final step with a fully controlled environment that has less chance of mold. This device dries each bud evenly by maintaining a constant temperature, producing maximal airflow, and preserving moisture levels.

Energy-saving LED lighting

There are many companies that make upgraded LED lighting systems specifically for growing cannabis plants. Some home cultivators say that switching to LED bulbs have produced plants that are nearly twice the size with much less energy used. Normal high-pressure sodium bulbs emit a lot of heat, so growers need to have a powerful cooling and ventilation system in place to counteract the rise in temperature. This is not the case for LEDs, so there is also cost savings when it comes to powering a ventilation system. Automated LED lighting systems can be controlled via smartphone so growers who are away from home can raise or lower the lights, set up timers, and view the temperature of the room.

All-in-one grow boxes

For smokers who don’t have time to spend tending to their plants and want a set it and forget it option, an all-in-one grow box or grow tent makes things simple. There is no guesswork since each grow box is entirely automated, controlling the lighting, water, temperature, airflow, and more! Available in normal and hydroponic options, many of these grow boxes are small enough to fit in a closet and be entirely out of the way when visitors come over. Grow boxes can be pricey for new home growers, but they are reused over and over again, and end up paying for themselves after a few harvests.

Honorable mentions:

  • Trimming machines
  • Portable filtration systems
  • DNA and strain trackers
  • Automated irrigation systems
  • Data collection software

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