Cannabis in Food Sickens Florida Wedding Guests, Police Say

Soon after a meal of meatballs, bread, tortellini and Caesar salad, the guests at the wedding of Andrew and Danya Svoboda began to feel strange, according to the authorities in Seminola County, Fla.

One man, an uncle of the groom visiting from Michigan, said he felt “tingly.” His heart raced and he was “having crazy thoughts,” the police said in an affidavit.

Another guest began feeling nauseated and dizzy even though she had drunk only one glass of red wine. Another woman said her heart felt like it was going to stop.

The guests at the Feb. 19 wedding soon learned that the food included marijuana, according to an arrest affidavit written by Detective Daniel Anderson.

The police arrived around 9:30 that night after they got a call to assist from Seminole County Fire Rescue, which had been dispatched to the clubhouse.

A deputy approached Mr. Svoboda and asked if he and his wife had “consented or requested” cannabis in their food.

Mr. Svoboda stared back “with a blank expression for a few moments before stuttering through a ‘no,’” Detective Anderson wrote.

Mr. Svoboda was not arrested, according to the affidavit. The police collected lasagna and bread that had been tossed out after the wedding and sent them to a cannabis testing facility, which found the presence of THC in the food, Detective Anderson said.

No one announced at the wedding that there would be marijuana in the food, the detective wrote. One guest became so alarmed by the side effects of the drug that her husband called the paramedics, according to the affidavit. Several people went to the hospital.

One of the guests, who was identified as Miranda Cady in the affidavit, said she realized she was “stoned” after she ate bread and dipped it in oil.

When she asked Ms. Svoboda if she had put marijuana in the olive oil, the bride replied yes and “acted like Miranda Cady should be excited,” the affidavit said, “as if she were given a gift.”

Ms. Cady said she also approached Ms. Bryant, who she saw putting a green substance on to small plates, and asked if there was marijuana in the food.

Ms. Bryant “giggled” and “shook her head yes,” according to the affidavit.

When Ms. Cady learned she had consumed food that included cannabis she said she became “terrified” and went to her car to try and sleep.

“She sent a text to herself in case she died in her car so that someone would know what happened to her,” Detective Anderson wrote.

Ms. Cady, 38, said in an interview on Thursday that she had considered Ms. Svoboda a friend before the wedding and felt “violated” by what had happened.

“It was scarring,” she said. “Who do you trust?”

If she had driven, she said, “it could have been catastrophic.”

Ms. Cady said she spoke briefly with Ms. Svoboda after the wedding by phone.

“I was able to tell her how I felt, and she expressed sympathy for how I was feeling,” Ms. Cady said. “But that was the extent of it.”

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