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Cannabist Tempe 03.07.22 Daily Deals

Valid 3/7/2022 – 3/8/2022

Ask about our new Inventing Room Hash Rosin!

Medical Monday! Medical Patients take an extra 10% off your order!


B1G1 40% off 1/8ths (Cannot be stacked)
$5 off select 1/8ths (cannot be stacked except B1G1 40%)
Genesis Rozana #7
Genesis Pebble Wreck
Shango Tropical Punch
Shango I-95 x Purple Vapor
Shango Sour Haze
$40 Grown 4 1/8ths (cannot be stacked except with B1G1 40%)
Apple Diamonds
$90 14 G. Seed & Strain or SWC units (Cannot be stacked)
$140 28 G. Canvas SFV or Afghani (Cannot be stacked)
Mohave (on site 2-5pm)
Green Label 1/8ths $36
Reserve 1/8ths $44!




MFused (on site 4-7pm)
Twisted $40 Mfused $50
NEW Toasted Cart Pricing $28!!!


$10 off MPX
$10 off Nectar Farms Diamonds with Sauce
20% off Drip


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! Grow Sciences Hash Rosin Gummies $25
20% off Sofaking Edibles (On site 3-6pm) (cannot be stacked with 15% off edibles)
15% off all edibles
40% off Nebula (Select Skus) (Cannot be stacked)
Pumpkin Spice| Chai latte
$12 100mg Sublime Simple Brownie (Sativa)
Sir Newton’s 100mg Gummies/Mints/Hard Candies (cannot be stacked)
1 for $20
2 for $30
3 for $42

**While Supplies Last. Some restrictions apply with deal stacking. Equal or Lesser Value**

All features are while supplies last. Express orders available through our website . All BOGOs, off, B2G1, etc, are at equal or lesser value. Salubrious Wellness Clinic, LLC. Lic No. 000000097DCGK00454998

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