Marijuana use during pregnancy linked to aggression, anxiety in children

(CNN) – Pregnant women who use marijuana may be making their children more susceptible to aggression and anxiety.

That conclusion comes from researchers of a new study by Mount Sinai’s School of Medicine and the City University of New York.

The study highlights how marijuana is favored by many as a substance that reduces anxiety.

But the research finds the increased effect of anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity among children of women who’ve used marijuana, compared to no exposure.

The study examined the impact on placenta genes, along with early childhood behavior among more than 300 mother-child pairs.

The subjects were drawn from an ongoing study of pregnancy stress begun in 2009.

A doctor and senior author of the study said misinformation has led many pregnant women to believe cannabis use has no risk.

These findings underscore potential “long-term impact on children,” she said.

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