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While Cannabis is still making its way to legality across America, Canada has THC and CBD products available nationwide to people 18 and older. It’s so easy to find that you can even order it in the mall. However, cannabis lovers can still experience getting up close and personal with it at Dank dispensary, a knowledgeable cannabis store with many CBD and THC products.

What is Dank Dispensary?

The Dank cannabis stores will likely soon be the new favorite place among users in Canada. With Dank currently having two locations in Dover and Ogden/Lynnwood, it’s quickly gaining a good reputation. They host a robust selection of cannabis products that’ll keep locals and visitors alike coming back for more. 

Why Choose Dank Dispensary?

With dispensaries becoming more and more popular, it can be difficult to choose which one is the right fit. There are so many choices, but the Dank cannabis store does something that sets them apart from the others. They paid attention to what customers needed and worked it into a system of convenience and ease.

Excellent Selection

The wide selection of products from Dank dispensary is a huge reason why people will love this company. They have access to the best strains in several options. For instance, the Dank weed store offers pre-rolls, flower, concentrates, edibles, and marijuana seeds for sale. No matter what way customers want to enjoy their cannabis, they can find it at Dank. They also offer topical creams, bath bombs, and balms for pain relief and relaxation.

In addition, there is a wide selection of cannabis accessories. Choose from dozens of grinders, dab tools, lighters trays, etc. There are tons of novelty items at the Dank cannabis store as well, such as the Trailer Park Boys hand pipe or bubbler.

The flower selection is astounding as well. Cannabis lovers can choose from popular strains like Sativa Mild Harvest or Tangerine Cookies. The store offers popular brands such ass Back Fort and RGB and goes the extra mile in providing preground and shake/trim.

The Atmosphere

The company popped on the scene with a fresh look and an aim to create a new experience for customers. The in-store atmosphere is a modern and fun environment, with a self-service area for people who would rather keep to themselves. The store also features intuitive menus that have extensive information regarding the types of products available. 

Customers can also ask the friendly and helpful staff about products. They are hand-picked to be extremely knowledgeable about the services and items of the Dank dispensary. 

Online Shopping Experience

The Dank Calgary Cannabis stores also have an easy and detailed online shop. Customers can look through hundreds of items for sale with a handy sort option. Here it’s easy to search for products by price, potency, brand, and popularity. The simple layout of the online shop can display either a listed view or card view, giving customers a wider range of options at a time.

The platform even groups menu items into convenient pairings tailored to what customers are seeking. For instance, the “under $20” and “major sale” lists show highly affordable products, while the “fresh drops” list shows new items and the “Certified Dank” and “High THC” lists show the heavy hitters on the website.

Dank Club

All great companies show love to their customers by including them in the family. The Dank club is a membership that offers perks to participating cannabis fans that love rewards. A Dank Club membership comes with access to exclusive merchandise, along with events, promos, and freebies in town.

Of course, the best part about memberships is the discounts. Members of the Dank Club receive 20% off of every 10th visit and 5% off all accessories. In addition, as a new member customers will get 20% off of their second visit. That’s a deal too good to pass up. Sign-up is easy, and only takes less than a couple of minutes.

Find the Nearest Dank Dispensary

Currently, the two Dank cannabis stores are fairly close in Calgary, Alberta. The Ogden/ Lynnwood location is conveniently located at the corner of Lynnview Road and 62 Avenue nestled right near the bend of Bow River. The soon-to-be-open Dover location is on the corner of 34 Street and 27 Avenue across the street from Southview Park.

The best cannabis store in Canada has arrived, and it’s looking to take the cannabis industry by storm. Stay on the lookout for more Dank dispensaries popping up, because it’s sure to quickly land on everyone’s list of best locations.

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