2mg CBD Dog Chews – 60 Count

Just like us, our pets experience anxiety, stress, and pain.  For some pets, a trip to the vet is a familiar trigger.  For others, it is being left home alone for long periods, loud noises, new homes, or neighbors.

The good news is that New World Health Brands can help calm your pet’s nerves in as little as one hour. Our chews are THC-free, preservative-free, and GMP certified.  Our Chews are formulated with a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract in a water-soluble powder format, making absorption even greater. You can be sure your pet is healthy while enjoying a tasty treat with the powerful added benefits of CBD.

A recommended dose of chews is measured by weight. Our easy-to-follow instructions on the label should help you decide how many chews you need to calm your pet’s nerves.


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