Cash Awards for Police Officers and Citizens of Konjic Municipality for Detection of Criminal Offenses

The Municipality of Konjic is determined to protect citizensfrom drug abuse, so the awards for police officers, who through operational work contributed to the detection of the crimecultivation and distribution of Cannabis, were handed.

It is the obligation of the Municipality of Konjic to protect its citizens from all kinds of dangers and especially from the abuse of drugs. In this regard, the Municipality of Konjic intends to reward the police officers of the Police Administration of Konjic, who with their work in the field learned that illegal activities of cultivation and distribution of Cannabis are carried out in the municipality of Konjic. Officers will get a cash awardin the amount of 10 thousand BAM as stimulation and support to these activities, which resulted in the detention of the perpetrators of this act.

Osman Catic, the Mayor of Konjic Municipality, visited the Konjic Police Department, where he met with the Chief of the Konjic Police Department, Mirsad Subasic, and police officers who actively worked on the mentioned case, congratulated them on the results achieved, and wished them much success in future work.

The Municipality of Konjic calls on all citizens to act conscientiously and responsibly and to report all useful information, which will result in clarifying all forms of crimes with special emphasis on serious crimes against life, health, and property of citizens, to competent institutions (Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton – HNK or Police Department Konjic). If the citizen’s report results in the criminal responsibility of the crime perpetrator, the Municipality of Konjic will reward such individuals, for which funds will be provided by the municipal budget.

To recall, on August 30th, 2021, in the morning, police officers of Police Department Konjic and the Crime Police DepartmentKonjic, based on the information gathered and created plan, inspected the area in Vrbici, Konjic municipality, where a plot was found where there was a plantation with 14 cannabis stalks. At 11.00 a.m., person S.C. (1965) who has been linked to the mentioned act was detained. Criminal processing was done, and police found out about another plantation on which 39 cannabis stalks were noticed. According to the order of the judge of the Basic Court in Konjic, a search of the apartment was made where a certain amount of dry cannabis, seeds, and a machine gun were found. Cases related to the criminal offense were excluded with a certificate, and the competent prosecutor was informed about everything, and an investigation was carried out, writes.


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