4 Things To Remember When Buying Weed In Canada

Since Canada legalized weed, it has become easier to buy weed online. But depending on the province you live in, the rules regarding the sale of marijuana are different. For example, in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, you have to be 19 years old. You can also only carry a maximum of 30 grams in public.

If you are planning to buy weed in Hamilton, here are a few things to know.

1. Buy Online from Reputed Retailers

If you are new to buying weed, search for reputed online dealers by using a Google search. With cannabis becoming legal, hundreds of retailers offer medical and recreational marijuana at affordable prices. However, that has also opened the door to scammers who try to sell substandard marijuana and cannabis products. Despite the strict government guidelines regarding the manufacturing and sale of marijuana, some retailers manage to escape surveillance.

Read online reviews on Google and marijuana-related websites like Leafly and The Cannabist to ensure you’re dealing with genuine retailers. If you’re looking for a local online dispensary to buy weed in Hamilton, visit Stoni Cannabis in Hamilton. The store offers excellent discounts and promises free delivery within 90 minutes. If your delivery is delayed, they promise two free AAAA pre-rolled joints.

2. Make Sure the Retailer Is Licensed

Most online retailers provide a verifiable license number that can be traced online. If an online search does not bring up a license number, it’s best to stay away from the brand despite any attractive discounts they may offer.

Many retailers have also started running third-party lab tests and posting the results on their websites to ensure purity and potency.

3. Make Sure the Website Does Not Look Shady

Fly-by-night operators don’t spend time and money putting up a professional website. They’re in the business of making money quickly and fleeing from the scene. Amateur-looking websites are usually full of spelling and grammar mistakes. The information is either incomplete or plagiarized. Contact details are not easily traceable, and online chat facilities are unavailable. If you come across websites that look like these, avoid them.

4. Price Is Important

While there’s no reason to overpay, extremely cheap products are a sign of a scam. Always compare prices to make sure the product is worth the money. Do not blindly trust retailers advertising on Reddit or social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

The best way to buy weed in Hamilton is to visit Stoni Cannabis in Hamilton. We promise safe, free weed delivery and follow all necessary regulations regarding weed sales.

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