People Share Their First Experience Of Smoking Marijuana

To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake. And before you come at us, we didn’t say that…Bob Marley did! While the global debate around the effects of smoking weed continues, we spoke to some folks that anonymously revealed what their first experience was like! Prepare to be entertained… 

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1. “It was my friend’s birthday and 15+ people had gathered at around 11:30 PM to cut the cake. The cake was cut, snacks distributed and cool drinks shared. All of them left the place by 1:30 AM to their respective flats or PGs. Now came the AFTER-PARTY. My friend had 5 other flatmates who gathered in a room and started preparing a bong. One of them artistically crushed that weed and eliminated the seeds and waste. I was most certainly wanting to do this for a long time after seeing weed used in memes, TV series and Hollywood movies. Some of them were high after 5–10 minutes, while I was still wondering what being high feels like. After 20 minutes, I told them I was not feeling anything weird or high and they didn’t trust me. After another 10 minutes, the action began! It was the most heavenly moment I have ever had. I was all in control of my body but hey! I couldn’t control my thoughts. I still can’t explain those moments. In the next 20–30 minutes, I ate 1 kg of cake kept in the fridge for the next day’s celebration, finished 1/2 kg snacks, 8 bowls of dry fruit kheer and many glasses of cool drinks. The next thing that happened to me was I was woken up by my phone alarm at 6 AM and I took a quick shower and quietly left the place without telling anyone.”

2. “I was given a chance to try a bong with a couple of my friends. First two or three rounds, it didn’t hit me. Then they gave something called a blowback where you are supposed to inhale from someone’s exhaled smoke. I started to get the slightest buzz. At first I laughed like a maniac at people who were sitting in the same room with me. Then we listened to some Aghori songs which added the effects to the weed. It felt like the whole room was spinning, I used to occasionally focus on people to stop the revolution of the room. An uncontrollable hunger took birth inside me. I would have eaten anything during that time, but was provided with some rasgollas and papad.” 

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3. “I smoked cannabis two years back in 2014 and I was 23 at that time. Before this I had never touched a cigarette or alcohol in life. I was in college and we had a get-together in the evening. All my friends including the female friends were taking bong shots. One of my female friends insisted that I try it. I, being a medical student, knew that cannabis has no side effects except for the small volume of smoke that is like just any smoke, so it was safe. Five minutes after the second shot, I suddenly realized that I was not on bed but floating just above the bed. The disco lights inside the room were revolving but I was so slow in looking at their tracks. Everyone was busy playing poker and I shouted at them, “THIS IS AWESOME”. Everyone was like what happened and the next moment everyone burst into laughter. I was laughing too about my state. It was amazing to be high for the first time. They played some good music and I was able to listen to each different instrument individually in the music.” 

4. “I had friends who had been smoking weed for a year or so now. I had always wanted to try it. I was always curious about its effect but the fear of being caught always stopped me from smoking it. I got several chances to smoke it but I let them pass. But one day, I was really upset and there had been a lot of fighting in my house so I thought, lets try that shit. So, I called my friend whose friend smoked weed daily . We made plans to meet in 10 minutes at a friend’s shop which had a secret chamber where we could smoke and no one would disturb us. The first thing I felt was an urge to puke and a strong vibration in my legs and arms. It didn’t feel that good at first but then I came out of the chamber and sat outside the shop with my new friend. As soon as I started walking, my feet slowed down. I even recall feeling like I was being chased by the cops but couldn’t run!”

5. “I smoked weed in college for the first time. I only remember eating every single thing I could get my hands on, including raw Maggi. After I ate till I couldn’t stand, I fell asleep and woke up directly the next morning. That was my first and last time!”

Lead Image credit: Cape Of Good Films and Maddock Films 

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