Amendeep Sharma’s Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency Offers Free Support To New Businesses


HeartCMS, a Nottingham-based company awarded ‘Most Creative Web Design Agency’ in 2020, has been offering free support to brand-new businesses, and those who’ve had to adapt their services due to the pandemic.

The Digital Marketing Agency, based in Nottingham, didn’t see a negative impact to their day-to-day running in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – if anything, their operation went from strength to strength. With all of their employees already permanently embracing the work from home lifestyle as standard, things seemed pretty normal. In fact, as a digital agency almost everything that they do is online, including 90% of their meetings.

This may have put HeartCMS in good stead with regards to their working style, but they were able to recognize that this was not the case for everyone. With many businesses having to shut down, a lot of retailers were forced to try their hands at showcasing their stock online. Similarly, many of those who were furloughed or lost work began turning ideas into business plans, but as Amendeep Sharma, HeartCMS’s Managing Director, and his team would attest – marketing encompasses so much more than running ADs.

HeartCMS’s services are wide ranging and encompass everything you’d expect from a digital marketing agency and more. With creative web design, optimised PPC and Facebook Ad campaigns, blogger outreach and content creation all on offer, we can see why businesses have seen on average a 90% revenue increase in their first year working with the company.

Amendeep says, “our methods are award-winning, but success for us comes only in watching our clients succeed.” Knowing that he had the resources and skills to provide the much needed support to these businesses, Amendeep didn’t see it as a money making opportunity but a chance to see others succeed and give back within his wider community, particularly to small businesses based in the Midlands, and in his home county of Nottinghamshire.

One such business on the receiving end of this selfless business attribute is, Let’s Talk Birth and Baby, owner Louise Broadbridge says “I can honestly say that I would not have been able to continue to grow [the business] without the help of the HeartCMS team.”

After an initial meeting with HeartCMS she was offered a free website as she is a key worker.

Louise says that “The whole team are responsive and helpful and have guided me through my technical inability with patience and professionalism”. As a result of the creative web design she’s received, she “foresees that HeartCMS will be [their] go to for any new technical developments that are needed for many years to come.” On top of the websites built and launched, telecoms arranged and digital marketing support received, Louise says she was also “offered much needed moral support during the many challenges of starting a business.”

HeartCMS’s Managing Director and Founder, Amendeep Sharma, is no stranger to launching businesses. In 2012 he branched out from being an employee of a Marketing Agency, to owner of his very own – now employing over 15 highly talented members of staff and supporting more and more businesses every day. The development of his company has seen it grow into an accredited Google Partner, and expand into a conglomerate network, The iHeart Group. Currently comprising a marketing agency (HeartCMS), a print company (TheOnlinePrinter), bespoke floating shelves (Handcrafted Shelves) and an influencer marketing brand (Hashtag Blogger).

The experience HeartCMS has in developing its own umbrella of companies, including its online retail businesses – such as Handcrafted Shelves, the e-store for bespoke wood shelving that opened its virtual doors mid-pandemic in October 2020 – showcases the team’s talent in getting businesses seen online.

Amendeep job and passion is staying on top of market trends and adapting with them. So, during the worldwide pandemic and subsequent lockdowns he knew that more than ever consumers were shopping online, and seized the opportunity to further his list of achievements. During a time so many were able to devote hours to home renovations he brought Handcrafted Shelves into the world. His industry knowledge and desire to see others succeed has propelled him into the list of rising entrepreneurs to watch out for.

If you have a great idea for a new business, or need help reaching your ultimate business goals – reach out to Amendeep and his HeartCMS team to see what support they can offer you in getting your business seen online.

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