EFFEKT to present ‘naturbyen’ nature village at venice biennale 2021


‘nature is so crucial to our well-being as humans — but indeed also to the well-being of our planet,’ continues sinus lynge, partner at EFFEKT. ‘with cities rapidly expanding we must find a way to make more space for nature, while also securing more homes for our growing population. by combing the latest forestry research with an urban planning strategy for suburban areas that focus on sharing outdoor areas and optimizing infrastructure, we can live with the same density but make room for more ‘nature’. who does not want a forest right outside your doorstep?’.

EFFEKT naturbyen venice biennale



the project prioritizes natural materials and energy efficient construction. the homes have been designed to be small but efficient, with a focus on high quality construction and functionality. through intelligent and flexible design, residents can save both money and energy, while freeing up space for biodiversity and the natural environment. importantly, the homes will be built from natural and recyclable materials with a particular emphasis on timber.

EFFEKT to present 'naturbyen' nature village at the venice architecture biennale 2021



the project strives to create a CO2-negative solution for future housing supply. CO2-negative buildings actively contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions associated with construction and operation. this can only be achieved by a combination of CO2 storage through afforestation, CO2 storage in materials (wood and biomass), as well as through the energy communities (smart grids). the more than 200 new homes will be connected through a local energy grid that provides clean, renewable power to the new inhabitants and leads excess energy back to the grid.

EFFEKT to present 'naturbyen' nature village at the venice architecture biennale 2021



the development seeks to provide a valid alternative to traditional ‘parcel and row’ housing options which, outside the major cities, are still the predominant form of housing in denmark. the project hopes to attract citizens who want to get closer to nature, within a strong local community. ‘with a project like ‘naturbyen’ we help raise the bar for future residential neighborhoods and strengthen the competencies within sustainable construction and urban planning, so we can reduce CO2 emissions and be an inspiration for others both nationally and internationally,’ says mayor of middelfart municipality, johannes lundsfryd jensen. the municipality is currently in discussions with potential developers and stakeholders, with the project expected to move through planning in late 2021, early 2022.



behind the scenes from the production of EFFEKT’s contribution to the 2021 venice architecture biennale



‘naturbyen’ is included in EFFEKT’s contribution to the 2021 venice architecture biennale running from may 22 until november 21, 2021. ‘our installation in venice showcase a series of ideas, concepts, strategies and designs for living and building, for producing, consuming and revitalizing the ecosystems we are part of and depend upon,’ EFFEKT shares with designboom. ‘everyone on this planet is all part of the same ecosystem — and by thinking and acting accordingly we believe we can find answer to urgent questions such as: how can our built environment work like ecosystems? how do make our urban communities self-sufficient and regenerative? can architecture help people reconnect with nature?’. see designboom’s ongoing coverage of the upcoming event here.



project info:


name: naturbyen (nature village)
typology: masterplan, residential
location: middelfart, denmark
year: 2020 –
status: in progress
client: middelfart municipality
EFFEKT design team: sinus lynge, daniel veenboer, yulia kozlova, evgeny markachev, gorka medina calzada, marco antonio ravini, joel brynielsson, filippa gurt

philip stevens I designboom

may 11, 2021

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