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Buying Quality CBD Flowers

The CBD fever has reached Spain. It seems available in all places and at all times, but as in all markets, when there is a boom fierce competition begins, and not all products offer the same quality. In this article we are going to give you some infallible tips to choose flowers with high percentages of high-quality CBD. Follow them to the letter and your purchases will be, without a doubt, successful.

Ark Institute – CBD Hemp Flowers & Hemp Products has put together this comprehensive guide so that you always buy top quality CBD flowers.

1. The Pungent Aroma is the Key

High-quality CBD flowers, most of the time, are characterized by an intense fragrance, a distinctive, captivating aroma and should stand out from any other scent. A strong and rich aroma is the greatest indicator of a high terpene content. Terpenes are produced by a wide variety of plants and are the primary components of resins and essential oils. The combination of certain terpenes is what produces a particular aroma (floral, citrus, fruity …). The pungent aroma of CBD flowers is also directly related to their potency.

In short, aroma is the first, and one of the most important characteristics of a quality flower. A pungent aroma and the different nuances (sweet, citric, fruity…) are always signs of quality.

2. Avoid Flowers with Brown and Yellow Tones

Another quality to consider when looking for the best quality legal cannabis is color. The appearance of a vigorous and bushy bud will always be an indicator of the best quality. Bright, intense colors are often a great indicator of quality. Some of the top CBD strains tend to sport a lovely combination of green and purple / purplish.

3. Cover of Trichomonas? Then, it’s Quality

One of the most important premises for buying CBD flowers is that the best range is covered with trichomes. A very practical trick to be able to correctly observe their existence is to take a photo with your mobile and zoom in on the photo itself. You will easily see that, if the flower is good, it will be covered with these crystalline and whitish “hairs” that are not always visible to the naked eye.

So, if the bud in your hands is thickly covered with trichomes and shows a thin film of apparent ‘frost’, then surely you are about to enjoy a flower of the highest quality. We could say that the amount of trichomes is proportional to the quality of the cannabis.

4. The Stems Indicate the Correct Ripening of the Flower

The golden pistils are another indicator of the quality of the flower. The orange, brown or, rarely, red, pink and purple ‘hairs’ represent the maturity of the flower and their presence is a clear sign of the high quality of the product and confirms the correct maturation of the plant. This characteristic indicates that the plant comes from a controlled cultivation and that the grower knows well what properties a top flower should have.

5. Crispy and Sticky, that’s the Key

Too wet or too dry? Both are indicators of the low quality of the product. If the CBD flower is too dry, it will easily break down, practically turning into powder. To the touch it should maintain a minimum consistency and we should be able to split it without the need to spray it.

If the flower, on the other hand, is too wet, it means that it has not been properly dried. The greatest danger that we run before a flower not dried in its proper measure is the appearance of mold, visible to the naked eye.

Try to break a bit of the flower, if to the touch it seems a bit ‘sticky’ (due to the resin) but is still ‘crunchy’ then you have a very good product in front of you.

6. Look for Busy, Dense and Well-Formed Flowers

High CBD marijuana flowers should be quite tight, dense, bushy and well formed. Avoid those flowers that look hollow and through which the air passes freely.

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The best CBD flowers come from indoor cultivation in which you will never find seeds, twigs or leaves that, apart from adding weight to the flower itself, are usually synonymous with poor quality.

Just as making a good wine requires time, maturation, care and proper processing, getting a marijuana flower of the highest quality is not an easy task.

If you are looking for flowers treated in a respectful way and with high quality indices, do not hesitate to visit Ark Institute – CBD Hemp Flowers & Hemp Products page to discover all its varieties and products.




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