How TONIC is Taking on Plant-Based Beauty

“Stepping into the world of plant-based beauty is not something I’m taking lightly,” says Brittany Carbone, TONIC’s Founder & CEO. “It had to be more than a simple formulation that just banked on putting ‘CBD’ on the label. That has always been our belief with every product we put forth, but it’s especially important in a space as crowded and noisy as the ‘clean beauty’ market. Our Renewal facial oil is designed to help acne-prone skin stay moisturized and conditioned while repairing damage and preventing signs of aging. The ingredients – even down to the specific ratio of cannabinoids – are all a reflection of that.”

The oil packs a concentrated dose of CBD, but is supercharged by the addition of CBC (or cannabichromene) a minor cannabinoid that has demonstrated immense promise in clinical studies and is being touted as one of the most effective cannabinoids for treating acne. Modulating the effects of CBD with the mindful use of minor cannabinoids is the future of hemp wellness, according to Carbone, but it’s not the only way that Outer Space is ensuring efficacy in their products.

The cannabinoids combine with high-performing plant oils and extracts to deliver powerful restorative, reparative and radiant results. Lightweight enough to absorb quickly, rich enough to trap moisture, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

More information on TONIC, Outer Space & Renewal Oil can be found at, or on Instagram @tonic_cbd.


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