Cannabis NB Sells First Local Craft Cannabis

Cannabis NB Sells First Local Craft Cannabis

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Shediac-based Crystal Cure‘s products are now available at Cannabis NB. The products are currently available in Shediac, Moncton, Dieppe and Saint John.

Crystal Cure marks the first locally-produced craft cannabis to be sold at Cannabis NB.

“We’re really looking forward to what New Brunswick’s going to think. We’re the first craft producers that are going to be out there. We truly believe that craft is the future of cannabis. These are small producers – small batch, that’s what we’re all about,” said Jonathan Wilson, COO of Crystal Cure. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we make our own soil on the site here, it’s certified organic. This is truly farming cannabis the way Mother Nature intended it.”

The first two flavours on the market are called Apple Chem and Wedding Cake, both are considered hybrids. Wilson says that what’s equally important to the product is the terpenes: what makes up the aromas, compounds, and flavours of the product.

“We focus on that just as much as we focus on THC. We look at the entire plant and what that’s going to do. Both of these are nice, round hybrids. We definitely believe this whole relaxation, spirituality type thing and these are products that we say they go from soil to soul,” said Wilson.

The product has been on a long journey to market. Crystal Cure first obtained their license for cultivation from Health Canada in July 2019. In that time, the company went through inspections for sales licenses and sent the product to Health Canada for approval. The company’s final inspection with Health Canada took place in July and then they were able to begin producing the product for sale and distribution.

“We started building our business slowly and sustainably because we didn’t want to do what’s happening with a lot of large producers that really went heavy at the start and had to taper back. We wanted to do the opposite and really build it grassroots,” said Wilson.

Laws surrounding cannabis cultivation and distribution have restricted Wilson and the Crystal Cure team from trying the product for themselves. Seeds were acquired through Crystal Cure’s cultivation license, which is what make up the product grown in their soil.

Wilson says he is hoping for change.

“We should be able to sample the product as we go,” he said. “Every profession in the world, whether it’s a chef or a craft brewer, have the ability to try the product during the life cycle. It’s not from trying to get high off your own product, but from seeing if it fits our brand, fits our standard, and whether it’s good enough for the customers we deliver to.”

Nonetheless, Wilson remains positive about the product and is excited for the opportunity to share it with New Brunswickers.

“A lot of people have forgotten that this started with the flower and we’re going back to it and putting ourselves out there to see what people think,” said Wilson. “Above all, we’re enthusiasts, we’re proud New Brunswickers and we’re excited to be out on the market.”

Liam Floyd is a reporter for Huddle, an Acadia Broadcasting content partner.

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