Ballot measures for local access to legal cannabis rack up wins in California

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Until the state provides full access to legal cannabis, Californians will do what they do best: Get their civic engagement on.

By Bridget Hennessey, Special to CalMatters

Bridget Hennessey, of Tustin, is vice president for government relations at Weedmaps, the cannabis technology platform,

Californians will stop at nothing for safer, more reliable and convenient access to legal cannabis. There were more than 35 pro-cannabis ballot measures up for consideration throughout the Golden State on Election Day. Thirty-one of them were victorious.

But didn’t we deal with this issue in 2016, when Californians passed Proposition 64 – which legalized adult-use cannabis statewide? 

Proposition 64 didn’t completely seal the deal. It may have made adult-use cannabis legal, but it didn’t necessarily make it accessible. Nearly 75% of California cities and counties still ban cannabis sales. That’s not what voters wanted: a poll conducted last February by David Binder Research for Weedmaps found that nearly 80% of Californians who voted for adult-use cannabis in 2016 said dispensaries should be allowed to open in jurisdictions that supported the legislation. 

That’s finally beginning to happen. Local access will soon be available in La Habra, Costa Mesa, Pomona, Carson, unincorporated Ventura County and Marina thanks to ballot measure wins in those jurisdictions. Voters in Benicia, Fairfield, San Bruno, Vacaville and Oceanside approved tax measures that will pave the way for adult-use retailers in the future. 

Calabasas and Ojai passed tax measures that will serve as the pretext for future cannabis retailers there. Older, conservative voters in Laguna Woods, the Orange County retirement community, are poised to pass a measure signaling their support for cannabis retail. The city of Weed will now allow commercial cultivation of cannabis. 

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