Norway city council to hold another public hearing on marijuana sales in city

NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) -The City of Norway will hold another public hearing, after no decision was reached at Monday night’s virtual public hearing regarding marijuana sales.

The city recently received a request from Joni Moore, with ‘Ottawa Innovations,’ which is a marijuana grow and retailer in Upper Michigan. That company is in the process of opening another marijuana retailer in Crystal Falls. Moore wants the city to allow legal commercial sale and commercial growing of recreational marijuana in Norway.

Under ordinance #431, the city currently prohibits marijuana growing and sales in the city. That was passed back in 2018.

Moore wants the ordinance revisited, as she says her company could bring a lot to the community.

“We have a lot of safe-guards in place to keep the community safe, and provide a high-quality product,” said Moore.

The council says they want more time to hear from the public.

“I think people have changed since then; not saying good or bad. That’s why, I think the survey would be good, because before, it was voted down in Norway,” said Norway City Council member, Lee Meneghini.

The council invites community members to call, email and voice their opinions, as they will be sending out a survey. The next public hearing on this topic will be October 19.

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