Wisconsin man receives permission to hunt turkey and train dogs on private property, but decides to grow weed instead

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A 21-year-old man in Wisconsin apparently misunderstood the concept of boundaries after receiving permission to hunt turkey and train a dog on a man’s land, but instead opted to develop a cannabis farm.

The landowner did not take kindly to the assumptions made by Samuel Nickel, who cut down several trees (again, without permission) to make room for what ended up being a 600-square-foot operation, complete with mesh netting and a wooden gate.

After being tipped off, the police discovered the grow-op, located just 50 feet or 15 metres from the roadway, on Aug. 20 and set up a camera, according to the La Crosse Tribune. Returning to the site on Aug. 25, the police located an unoccupied vehicle registered to Nickel, waited for him, followed him when he drove away and initiated a traffic stop a short distance from the property, according to a criminal complaint.

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The driver did not fess up immediately, initially denying he was growing the marijuana, but later admitting to doing so, but saying it was for personal use, the La Crosse Tribune reports.

Nothing had been harvested, he reported to police, because the plants were dying. Police removed 30 cannabis plants from the site.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 07: A cannabis plant grows in the Amsterdam Cannabis College, a non profit charitable organisation that gives information on cannabis and hemp use on February 7, 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The city council in Amsterdam has recently voted in favour of introducing a citywide ban on smoking marijuana in public areas. A successful trial ban in the De Baarsjes district of Amsterdam has been declared a success after a reduction in anti social behaviour. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Police also discovered 48 plants being grown inside his home and two jars holding 76 grams of marijuana. / Christopher Furlong / Getty Images. Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

After receiving a search warrant for his residence, they also discovered 48 plants being grown inside and two jars holding 76 grams of marijuana, according to La Crosse Tribune. The plants and cannabis were seized.

The landowner wants Nickel to be held responsible for removing the fence that was erected around the grow-op and for planting new trees.

Information posted on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws’ website shows penalties for cultivating cannabis in Wisconsin are strict.

Nickel now faces two felony counts, having been charged with manufacturing marijuana with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug trafficking place. He is scheduled to appear in La Crosse County Circuit Court on Sept. 29.

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