Marijuana plantation destroyed in Matura

A marijuana plantation with about 3,000 plants including of full-grown trees and seedlings was destroyed by police officers in Matura on Friday. 

Police from the Matura, Toco, and Matelot Police Stations conducted an exercise in their respective districts. 

The officers focused mainly in the Toco and Matura areas where two search warrants for firearms were executed and known drug blocks were searched. 

Several vehicles were stopped and relevant searches were conducted. 

Information received about suspicious persons in the vicinity of the TSTT installation in the Matura district led the officers to that location, where two men were seen exiting an area behind the fence of the installation. A further check behind that fence revealed a marijuana plantation consisting of 3,000 fully grown and seedlings and two water pumps.  

The trees were destroyed. Two water pumps and other items were seized and brought to station. The two suspects were interviewed and allowed to leave. 

Investigations are ongoing. 

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