City of Kalamazoo updates recreational marijuana social equity policy | News

Previously, citizens convicted of certain marijuana possession charges could apply for a shop license at a 25% discount. The discount has been increased to 40%.


KALAMAZOO, MI (WKZO AM/FM) — Just two weeks after Kalamazoo Commissioners approved a social equity policy to go along with their Recreational Marijuana ordinance, they have had to adjust it.

When state voters approved recreational marijuana last fall, there was a social equity provision that called on cities to give those most hurt by the old marijuana laws a leg up on selling marijuana.

Kalamazoo’s response was to give residents from three targeted neighborhoods and past marijuana offenders a 25% discount on the fees paid for city permits, as long as the conviction did not involve delivery to a minor.

“If you have only a misdemeanor conviction, you get a 25 percent discount,” Robinson said. “If it’s a felony conviction, it’s a 40 percent discount.”

The update to the social equity policy goes into effect immediately. The recreational marijuana policy became effective as of May 28.

A full list of different zoning regulations for each business type, as well as a map overlay and all related documents, can be viewed online at the City of Kalamazoo website.

(John McNeil contributed to this report).

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