Marijuana Infused Liqueurs

Because cannabis resins are soluble in alcohol, an effective way of adding them into dishes is through cooking with high-proof grain-based alcohol such as vodka, brandy or rum infused with cannabinoids. Generally, stems and leaves of the marijuana plant are used due to their lower THC content when smoked. When infused in high-proof grain-based alcohol it becomes what is commonly known asGreen Dragon. Creme de Gras is a flavored liqueur made from cannabis. It can be added to coffee and other beverages.


3/4oz(22g) finely ground cannabis-stems,bud, or leaf
3fl oz(90ml) alcohol (such as brandy, rum, vodka)

***Decarb your bud first!**

1. Soak the cannabis powder in water for 12 hours to remove any water-soluble impurities.
2. Drain excess water.
3. Put cannabis powder in an airtight container such as a mason jar.
4. Pour alcohol over cannabis.
5. Store in a cool dark place for at least 10 days. The longer the better.
6. Shake the container several times a day.marijuana liqour
7. Filter through a strainer to remove solid particles. Repeat as necessary.weed wine

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