Ensemble Comedy ‘4/20’ Celebrates Cannabis Holiday

We could all us a good laugh these days, and as many cannabis aficionados find they will have to spend this year’s upcoming 4/20 cannabis holiday in isolation due to the pandemic, a little humor will go a long way. The new film, “4/20,” takes place entirely on one day—April 20—and follows multiple storylines relating to marijuana. Bold Soul Studios will celebrate the release with a special one-day-only premier on April 20 on Vimeo for $4.20 (in the United States, use the discount code “koala”). If you miss the premier, it will be available for purchase on Amazon afterward.

Following multiple story lines, “4/20” begins with a dispensary owner beginning his day with a host of haphazard activities he hopes will generate business to keep his struggling store afloat. His antagonist is a local drug dealer hoping to reclaim the local cannabis business. Along for the ride is a trio of soon-to-be high school graduates trying to scheme their way in to buy enough weed to toast their long-lasting friendship; two potential lovers struggling to align their views on pot; and an elderly woman who strikes up an odd friendship with a young immigrant with a secret. During the acclaimed holiday, people across life’s spectrum discover they have more in common than just a love of ganja.

Over the years, comedians have found success taking stoner comedy from the stage to the screen. Today, social media has led to a new platform for cannabis influencers who meld humor and appreciation for the plant, notably Koala Puffs, who stars in and co-produced “4/20.” The film also stars Audrey Whitby (“The Thundermans”), Natasha Hall (“Game Night”) and K.C. Clyde (“Yellowstone”).

A Joint to Enjoy Together

Koala Puffs will host pre-and post-screening events on her Instagram Live throughout the holiday. “People throughout the world can join in, and we put together a little box with popcorn and other fun little things, so people can feel more involved and feel like they’re watching it with us,” she says. “Even though they can’t leave their houses, we can enjoy it together.”

While cannabis is the main thread of the plot, Koala Puffs emphasizes that “4/20” is more than a silly stoner comedy where characters are just sitting around smoking weed throughout the entire film. “It’s also about the education behind it and how it really helps people, helps them bond and find new friends,” she says.

She adds that because “4/20” is about cannabis and friendship, the script felt very organic and echoed a conversation that would naturally occur between stoners or people trying to get weed on 4/20. The target audience is broad and would likely appeal to anyone who is 4/20 friendly. “The movie shows the different types of stoners that are daily smokers, to the ones dating someone who has never smoked before, to my character and her crew that are supposed to be underage and trying to get into a dispensary and get some weed. There’s also a lady who is up in age and very 4/20 friendly,” she concludes. “The goal is just to normalize cannabis and how people of all ages can see it’s not this harmful drug. It doesn’t change you or your personality or who you are. It helps a lot of people, so the goal is to get people to join in and watch with their families and make 4/20 accepting. It’s just a plant that brings so many types of people together.”

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Apr. 13, 2020

9:37 a.m.

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